Tofu story

Premium Tofu Mfg. Co. LLP is an emerging name in the field of manufacturing & distribution of Tofu under the brand name of ‘Ai’.

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Tofu–A protein power house

At Premium Tofu Mfg. Co. LLP, our mission is to provide our customers authentic & fresh Tofu. We have a state of art Tofu manufacturing ,

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Request free samples – we supply Tofu free to Health fairs, dieticians, NGO’s working for kids
Ai Tofu:
India Today 25 Mar 2013
"I wanted to learn new things all the time"
VIDIYAA MALOO, 64, Owner, Premium Tofu Manufacturing Pvt LLM Setting up a company at 64 is not really on the cards for many, but Vidiyaa Maloo lives life on her own terms. She began Premium Tofu Manufacturing Pvt LLM in June 2012.

Tofu Story
If the word ‘Tofu’ brings about confusion or memories of tasteless but healthy food, welcome to the world of ‘Tofu’ which is a very nutritious soybean derivative. It’s most nutritious form of Soybean.

An Ai For Tofu:
Mumbai Boss

Vidiyaa Maloo, a Walkeshwar-based housewife, is a tofu zealot. So great is her love of tofu, which is made by curdling soymilk, that since January 2012, she’s been selling her own brand of tofu called Ai (a Japanese word for “love”), that has quickly become a favourite among fellow tofu fiends.

Tofu:A Protein power house
Tofu is complete food itself which is 100% Veg and has all major macro as well as micro nutrients to build and maintain sound physical health.It's a highly nutritious food enjoyed by billions every day.


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    “At Premium Tofu Mfg. Co. LLP, Tofu is manufactured fresh and on order under the supervision of a Japanese food expert.”

    They have understood latent need of the market for something fresh.
    India Today
    Mar - 2013